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Welcome to Idlewoods.net. Idlewoods is a graphic resource site where we hope to provide you with quality webgraphics. Please feel free to browse around but make sure to read the Terms of Use before using anything. Thanks!

This is version 1 of Idlewoods called Dreamland, called that because of the dark/dreamy kind of feeling I got from looking at it. It was created entirely on Photoshop CS3 and coded using EditPad Lite.


The Emptiness of it Pains Me

Yes, the site remains empty despite me opening it up weeks ago. Quite disappointing I know. However spring break is only 3 or so weeks away and hopefully I can squeeze in a graphic or two between now and then. If not then I will definitely put up stuff during break. Until you can visit my blog if you're interested at all. If you want to be a blog buddy just leave a comment!

Posted on Mon, 25 Feb 2008 by Hen, Comments (0)


Welcome to Idlewoods.net! I wanted to get a bit farther ahead with the scripts on this site before I started putting stuff up, but it's taking longer then I thought so I thought I would just go ahead and open up the site officially. So today is the official opening of the site. I'm afraid is it still rather empty as not all the pages are there yet but I will be slowly adding stuff over time :)

Posted on Mon, 14 Jan 2008 by Hen, Comments (3)