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The Site

Domain: Idlewoods.net
Purchased: GoDaddy.com on 11.15.06
Site Created: 1.12.08
Host: Surpass Hosting (Power Plan)

Idlewoods.net is a graphics resource site that provides a variety of premade graphics to fit your needs. It is also a place for me to share designs that I like but don't have a use for (a person can only own so many sites at once). This was originally the domain for my blog (which explains why this site was created nearly a year after the purchase date) but when I shut down my old graphics site (Northernlite.net) I decided to start fresh and reopen a new graphics site under this domain.

The Name

There is no real meaning to the name Idlewoods. I came up with it one night when I was trying to think up a new name for my blog. "Idlewoods" come from "Idlewild" which is a name I found in Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I didn't really like the "wild" part of the name and thought "woods" sounded prettier so that's what I went with.

I suppose one could interpret the name this way:

Idle: Having no basis or reason; baseless; groundless
Woods: A large and thick collection of growing trees; a grove or forest
(From Dictionary.com)

I guess you can think of this site as a forest of things done while I'm idling. Most of the stuff I make come out of no where and don't have a basis anyways.

The History

Idlewoods.net is actually my third graphics site. A few people have said that listing past sites is like bragging about everything you've done, but since everything on my current sites is a result of everything I've done on my past sites, I feel that it is ok to mention them so that others can see that Idlewoods was not created in a short amount of time.

My very first graphics site was called Unfading Reality which was hosted at AngelTowns.com when it was still free. It was a rather poorly made site. I still hadn't quite figured out how to make proper table layouts and such yet. However it did improve over time and eventually I got hosted at Crescent-Dreams.com owned by Manda (I believe she still offers free hosting). After awhile I decided I wanted my own domain, which started my second graphics site: Northernlite.net

Northernlite.net lived for about 2 years before I decided to shut it down. In those 2 years I learned quite a bit about using Photoshop and properly coding my layouts to work on all browsers and such. Northernlite.net of course comes from the Northern Lights. However since it's a rather common/cliche thing to use I was unable to get a better spelling of it (or Aurora) when I bought the domain, which is why "light" was spelled "lite".

Northernlite.net, in addition to providing free graphics, also provided free hosting and sponsering. I had quite a few hostees but after awhile I got tired of people becoming inactive and such and decided to shut that section of the site. Northernlite.net itself was shut down because for one, I hated the way it was spelled, and also because parts of the site were breaking down and I was rather unhappy with the scripts that held it together. So in the end I decided to just start fresh from scratch and make a new site.