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General Terms of Use

  • No graphics from Idlewoods.net are to be archived anywhere without permission from me.
  • If you use a graphics from Idlewoods.net on your site you must provide a link back to Idlewoods.net.
  • Do not claim any graphics from Idlewoods.net as your own.
  • Graphics from Idlewoods.net are to remain unchanged and unaltered.
  • Do not use graphics from Idlewoods.net as a base for your own graphics. (Ex: turning a wallpaper from here into a layout or cutting up a layout or wallpaper into an avatar)
  • Do not remove or alter the watermark on the wallpapers.
  • Everything on Idlewoods.net is for PERSONAL use only.

Layout Terms of Use

  • A link back to Idlewoods.net must be on EVERY page that the layout is used.
  • Do not claim any layouts from Idlewoods.net as your own.
  • The watermarked cannot be removed or altered.
  • Do not copy my HTML and/or my CSS to use on your own layouts.
  • Layouts from Idlewoods.net are not to be archieved on any other site without permission from me.